Terms & Conditions

1. Course booking: Once the course is booked and you have recieved the confirmation email, for the date of the course. Then the course is non refundable and the 14-day cooling off period doesnt apply when booking accomodation, meeting rooms or facilities to faciliate an event. We are booking a meeting room which is non refundable. 



2. 10 minutes of the course on the first day will be to show you around the building, fire exits and the break area.


3. If you arrive late or cancel days you will not be entitled to a refund or a discount and the tutor will not have the available time to catch up on what you missed, breaks are to be agreed with the tutor which is normally every couple of hours with a lunch break also (total break time - 1 hour)


Termination of the course may apply if:

1. Rude behaviour, swearing, general misconduct

2. Use or possession of drugs/alcohol

3. Possession of any weapons



Type of courses we offer:

1day course – Time and days are specific to the course area


COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: If you wish to make a complaint about the service or anything else please email us - office@helpwithmytheory.com


(updated 10/09/2019)