1 Day Classroom Workshop - £79.99

This workshop is designed for if you are regularly getting good mock test results,  but need an extra confidence boost through interactive learning to be sure to pass

Timetable: Wednesdays: 11:00 - 17:00 (1 hour break)

Covered in the 1 Day:

  • Introduction to the group

  • Open discussion on previous experience

  • What made you book the course?

  • Basic driving techniques covered (MSM/PSL, POM, Roundabouts etc)

  • Break down theory test: colour, signs, cover theory basics, hazard perception, highway code etc

  • If you have taken a test before some of the day will be focused on what you have failed on in previous theory tests. There will be a portion of the day saved for one-to-one personalised tuition

  • Mock Tests with personalised feedback and support

  • Hopefully after this course you are pretty much at test standard and regularly getting scores which would be a pass on the actual test day, if not you can add on another 1 Day course discounted at £50